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Continuing education

Description : 

Vocational training in civil engineering for all disciplines (geotechnics, structures, hydraulics, materials, roads, environment, building and geology) is available remotely. All GeoExpert courses allow you to obtain your Continuing Education Hours; useful for those who must accumulate and submit their Hours as required by orders such as the Order of Engineers of Quebec (OIQ) and the Order of Architects of Quebec (OAQ)

The trainings are given following individual or group reservations. For companies wishing to enroll more than 4 people in a course, a Discount is available, just call us or send an email with all the details (course name, number of participants and planned date)

Learning Assessment Policy and Certifications :

  1. Currently, all training is given remotely with simple means of communication and in our daily lives (Zoom and Teams)

  2. Learning assessments contain :

    • Simple applications to know if the participant has grasped the given notions;

    • Real projects (where the trainer was involved in the design/validation) to stimulate interest and improve retention of the information transmitted;

    • Questions/discussions to ensure that the participant has found answers to their concerns and also learned the right approach for their future design projects. There is no passing grade. But, we must make sure that each participant is satisfied and has found all the answers to his questions;

    • A certificate of participation is granted once the participant has attended all the training and has been satisfied (according to his satisfaction form).

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