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Modern Architecture

GeoExpert is ranked among the largest civil engineering training providers in Canada. Our training courses are taught by engineers with extensive expertise in geotechnics, structures, environment, materials, road and hydraulic engineering. Our Slogan: To build higher, you have to dig deeper.

The main objectives of GeoExpert are:

  1. Improve the level of expertise for civil engineers and professionals

  2. Provide young engineers with the right basic notions and the right approach for civil engineering design

  3. Update the knowledge of our senior engineers


Our training courses offer:

  • Distance learning with simple means of communication and in our daily lives (Zoom and Teams)

  • Knowledge of the right design tools, validated by the civil engineering community and recommended by the codes in force

  • Taking into account the best approach to optimize our solutions (ensuring the stability of the structure with the least expensive variant) 

Earn your continuing education hours

All GeoExpert courses allow you to obtain your Continuing Education Hours; useful for those who must accumulate and submit their Hours as required by the Engineer's Orders!​

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